Manora Beach, A Coastal Paradise

Look hard enough at Karachi’s booming harbor and you should find a peninsula jutting out into the Arabian Sea. Here is where you will find Manora, a captivating island ripe with winding sand dunes framing the endless waters of the Arabian Sea with clear blue skies above. At Destination’s Manora, we give you the opportunity to take a slice of this tranquil beach experience and have it all to yourself.

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A tale of the oldest city in Pakistan

The earliest accounts of Peshawar found in ancient manuscripts date the origins of this city as far back as 539 B.C.E. Since then to the present day, the great city of Peshawar has found itself passing through the hands of many ancient empires from the Mauryans to the Delhi Sultanate to the Mughals. At each of these junctions in history, Peshawar has absorbed many elements of culture and tradition passed on from each of these ruling empires. Today, Peshawar serves as a winding trail of historic breadcrumbs telling a well-woven tale of its daunting history for those who dare to look.

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